Visidata International

International Market Development, Direct Sales, Channel Management

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You have a great product !

Now all you need is to get it out there . . .

and give potential customers and partners the confidence they need to invest.

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How can Visidata help

We bring strategic selling skills plus proven channel management experience. We create an envirnoment of confidence and trust to convince end users to purchase and resellers to invest. We understand all the forces at play in the sales process and we are highly skilled at using them to our advantage and to yours. We provide you with a fast track to market through partnership with our selected resellers, and we can target key accounts for direct sales and support, and everything done transparently for you.

If you would like to investigate this further give me a call on +44 845 250 4470 or email My name is Les Ferrington and I am the founder and CEO at Visidata

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Our areas of operation

  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Russian Federation
  • Sub-Continent
  • Middle East
  • Africa (all)
  • Australasia

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